Tom's Backhoe Internal Info

Tom's Backhoe is committed to looking out for our employees' safety during the Covid-19 crisis.  Please follow the rules:

  • wash your hands when possible

  • try and keep 6 feet away from other people

  • don't touch your face

  • don't come to work sick and let your co-workers know if someone in your family isn't feeling well

  • don't share food, drinks or e-cigs (Jake & Ronden)

  • don't shake hands or hug

  • when possible wipe down shared surfaces like steering wheels and shifters

  • follow the County's mandate to ONLY leave the house for work, groceries, medicine or health reasons

  • office staff will try and limit to a max of 3 at a time

  • if you lose your sense of smell or appetite or are having stomach issues let management know, these can be early signs of Covid-19

Here are links to related information:

County of Maui "Amended Public Health Emergency Rules"

County of Maui Covid-19 resource page